Maya Brettell


About Me

I'm a dancer/singer/actor from Northern Virginia with a passion for new works, musical theatre dance, my dogs, Kim Petras, and comedic relief. As you may have noticed, I also have purple hair- this is what I used to look like:

Much cooler, right?


I've always been a dancer, but I was introduced to theatre when my elementary school music teacher insisted I take voice lessons (out of kindness or desperation, I'll never know). I stumbled into community theatre, where, at first, they only let me on the stage because they needed little boys. I'm still known for my pants roles. But finally I graced the stage in a skirt playing Annie for a whole year of my life in three different productions, and ended up beginning my professional theatre career! I spent all of high school working professionally and learning online, and took a pause from the theatre scene to get my BFA in Musical Theatre from Ithaca College. I'll be graduating in the spring!

The most important things to me as an artist are equal representation, equitable treatment, collaboration, supporting my peers, and making you feel something. I'm extremely excited to graduate, enter this new and shifted industry, and help to continue changing it for the better. I also will not be accepting any offers to do Annie ever again, but I thank you for your interest.